It’s Almost Pool Season:  Is Your Pool Deck Safe?, Concrete ChiropractorDropped concrete pool decks, sunken concrete pool decks, or settled concrete pool decks can all be hazardous. With the onset of pool season coming soon, is your pool deck safe?

Why pool decks crack

Unfortunately, cracking concrete pool decks are not terribly uncommon. After a pool is installed, the pool contractor or concrete contractor will install a concrete pool deck around the perimeter of the pool for a walking area. Yet, the soft granular, disrupted soil under the concrete pool deck may begin to settle. This settlement process to complete can typically be five to seven years, so it’s quite some time before a pool owner even sees damage of a cracked pool deck.

Why a cracked pool deck is a hazard

Once pool slabs settle, the result is a dangerous trip area or areas that can impact the safety of children, adults and guests. In addition, as the slabs settle, it can create extra stress and cracking on the concrete and pool coping itself, as well as putting stress or pressure on pool walls, pool joints and pool skimmers. That’s when it’s time to call a concrete repair specialist.

How to address a sunken or cracked pool deck

Simply patching cracks in pool decking does not address the problem; it merely addresses the symptom where the real goal is to address what is causing the problem, fix it, and prevent future cracking or sinking.  Whether you need residential pool commercial pool deck repair, the cause and the repair can be done by a concrete repair professional, with the solution being much more affordable than replacing the entire deck. They will come out and determine what caused the deck to crack in the first place (soil settlement, poor quality concrete, excessive water seepage, etc.). From there, they will address the cause and repair the area or areas to insure the pool deck is level, safe, and aesthetically pleasing again.

Cracking concrete pool decks are fairly common, but there is a solution to insure your deck is safe and ready for pool season.

It’s Almost Pool Season:  Is Your Pool Deck Safe?, Concrete Chiropractor
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