Raising sinking concrete is the guaranteed alternative to costly concrete replacement!

When it comes to lifting and or releveling sinking concrete slabs or sinking concrete foundation slabs that have sunken or subsided due to washout or deterioration you need to hire a professional. Concrete Chiropractor can help by using a process called mudjacking, or slabjacking.

This process has been used for decades, and involves pumping a flowable (high-slump) cement-based liquid fill under the slab through holes to lift the concrete back into place. Once the concrete slabs are level and in place, the holes are capped off, and the fill material cures to form a solid concrete subbase

Sinking Concrete, what you can do., Concrete Chiropractor

Concrete Chiropractor is able to fix the problems that can arise with sunken concrete or slabs in need of raising. We make it possible to repair the damage before residual problems get worse. Concrete Chiropractor’s concrete sinking repair service is there for your residential or commercial property management needs.

Concrete is very costly to replace, thus maintaining your commercial concrete or your home’s concrete saves you money. With the right repair company, it is possible for your concrete to be fixed quickly.

Be sure to contact Concrete Chiropractor today for an estimate on concrete repair in NJ or PA. In most cases, we can evaluate your dropped concrete slab and assure you that your concrete around your home or business will be repaired as quickly as possible.