Concrete Repair is the guaranteed alternative to costly concrete replacement!

Concrete Chiropractor® was established in 2000 as a concrete repair service. We specialize in providing concrete repair services affordably at a third or half of the cost to replace on both residential and commercial applications.

Problematic concrete can create problems ranging from town safety violations, insurance cancellations, devaluation of property value, delays in Real Estate sales and more. It’s important to maintain your concrete and fix any problems ASAP.

  • Concrete repair involves drilling, then injecting a cement based grout slurry through and under the bottom of your sinking or settled concrete.
  • Concrete repair ensures that your home, pool concrete, etc. is safe and free of trip areas.
  • Also, concrete repair can restore your home’s appearance and maintain it’s saleable value. Concrete Chiropractor can typically restore your concrete to its original height in a matter of hours, not days.

Our Vitelli Case Study will show how we were able to save the project where others had failed. Click here to open the PDF and read the complete case study summary.

Concrete Repair
Concrete Repair

Be sure to contact Concrete Chiropractor® today for an estimate on concrete repair in NJ or PA. In most cases, we can evaluate your dropped concrete slab and assure you that your concrete around your home or business will be repaired as quickly as possible. Concrete is typically an asset to your home or business, but in poor condition it can be detrimental to your property value – so be sure to contact our NJ concrete repair company in order to get your sinking concrete repaired.

Also, mudjacking can help make sure that your concrete can be repaired non-invasively. We are noted for servicing industrial property management needs throughout NJ, such as hospitals, office complexes, warehouses, schools and many more, saving many companies the pain and expense associated with concrete replacement costs.