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SUNKEN CONCRETE? Don’t Replace It – We Raise It – You Save Money!

Concrete Leveling and Mudjacking – How It Works

Concrete Leveling and Mudjacking is the process of raising and leveling sunken or settled concrete, eliminating the need for costly replacement. From sinking concrete sidewalks up to home and warehouse floors, we have successfully raised thousands of concrete slabs since 2000. Pool decks, patios and porch tops, as well as other applications are all candidates for concrete leveling. Concrete leveling and Mudjacking does require the concrete to be in good condition, with few or no cracks.

The process involves drilling quarter size, or 1” holes through the concrete slab. A Portland cement-based grout is then injected beneath the slab, filling any large voids and raising the concrete back to it’s original position.

Once the concrete has been raised, the drill holes are cleaned and patched with a fast-setting high-strength cement. This time-proven technique has resulted in a huge time and money savings for our customers for over two decades.

Before and After Photos

Some of Our Concrete Leveling Customers

Some of Our Concrete Leveling Customers