Green concrete leveling refers to the process of using environmentally friendly methods to level or repair concrete surfaces.

Traditional methods of leveling or repairing concrete can involve the use of materials and equipment that have a negative impact on the environment, such as using poly foams which are a petroleum-based poly diisocyanate, or other materials that emit harmful chemicals.

Green concrete leveling typically involves the use of eco-friendly materials, such as cement slurry grout, which is injected into voids beneath the concrete surface to level it. This method is faster and more efficient than traditional methods such as concrete removal and replacement, and it does not require heavy equipment or machinery that emits greenhouse gases.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, green concrete leveling has other benefits. It is a cost-effective solution that can save homeowners and businesses money compared to the above-mentioned traditional methods. It is also a long-lasting solution that can extend the lifespan of the concrete surface and reduce the need for future repairs.

Overall, green concrete leveling is a sustainable solution that offers a range of benefits for both the environment and property owners. Cement based products have a history of use that goes back thousands of years. It also has a time proven history or strength and durability and does not wind up in our landfills. Some polys or plastic products such as bottles can take hundreds of years to break down.

While there is current research and limited manufacturing in the use of biodegradable plastics or foams, these are not a practical solution for use I the concrete leveling industry as a product that will disintegrate will result in future concrete settlement and failure.

Concrete leveling, or better known as Mudjacking has been successfully in use since the 1930’s and remains the most environmentally, cost effective solution to settled concrete.

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