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Concrete Basement and Foundation Repair

Concrete Chiropractor® provides cracked and bowed concrete basement wall repairs. Rhino Carbon Fiber is a patented carbon fiber system we use that repairs bowed and cracked basement and foundation walls by connecting the foundation base with the house or building framing. As a result, it’s the strongest system on the market, and the only solution to be considered for bowed or cracked concrete basement wall repairs.

One of the most difficult challenges a homeowner or business may face is an unstable concrete basement. Bowed or cracked walls caused by uneven foundations can create significant damage if left unchecked over time. Unstable soils are typically the cause of basement damage, but there is a way to once again stabilize the foundation, repair bowed or cracked basement walls and make the building structurally sound again, saving owners thousands of dollars in the process.

If left unattended, this situation will get worse with time, putting both the structural integrity and resale value of the property at risk. Repair is critical.

To understand how Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports work, it’s best to first understand how the damage began and what the stages are.

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor Soil Expansion and Cracks

The first stage of damage, as illustrated in the image above, is soil expansion and cracks. Soil expands, likely due to unstable soil such as expansive clay or foundation soil that wasn’t compacted properly to begin with. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t even see this damage. If they do, many will mistakenly assume these are cosmetic cracks and do nothing to address them. Left alone, over time, damage can and will get worse.

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor Severe Inward Movement

Stage two of wall damage is when those previously noted hairline cracks increase in size. As a result, the soil shifts and with it, so do basements walls, causing a severe inward movement, also known as bowed walls. Clay backfill in particular will swell as it becomes saturated with water which in turn creates pressure. Unfortunately, that pressure will likely be directed towards the foundation wall, which causes the bowing. Other causes for bowed walls include poor construction or water pressure.  Bowed walls are commonly seen in older homes due to years of repetitive freeze and thaw cycles and soil settlement.

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor Wall Shearing

Once the basement wall bowing becomes significant, it will cause the walls to shear away from the foundation or sill plate, as illustrated above. This is when the structure can become unstable, and it’s critical to have the situation addressed; leaving it alone will guarantee further and more expensive
damage to follow. Also known as shear slide, if not corrected, the foundation wall will eventually fail affecting the structural integrity of the home.

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor Wall Replacement

If your basement walls are at the point of shear slide, you have little choice but to replace the wall and make it structurally sound again. Part of this process is to link the foundation base with the house framing to restore structural stability. This is when it’s best to consider Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports for your project.

Cracked Basement Walls and Foundation Repair – Rhino Is The Most Advanced System Available

Wall Supports Are the Best Solution for Bowing Walls and Cracked Basements

While Rhino isn’t the only solution for concrete wall repairs, it’s definitely the best and most cost effective. Below are how Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports stack up against other repair options.

Carbon Fiber Plates

The biggest issue with using carbon fiber plates for wall repair is the that these plates do not attach to the floor or sill plate upon installation. As mentioned above, concrete basement wall bowing happens when outside pressure pushes up against the wall causing bowing; without attaching to sill plates or the floor, there is a significant risk of the problem recurring over time. Oftentimes repair work done with carbon fiber plates needs to be readdressed over time, typically with worse damage than the originally bowed walls

Carbon Fiber Sheets

Similar to carbon fiber plates, carbon fibers sheets also do not connect to the sill plate or floor, leaving open the risk for future movement. In additional carbon fiber sheets provide no horizontal strength to the walls, which can also prove to be disastrous in the long run. Though cosmetically appealing because they are installed in larger sheets, covering a larger area of the wall, these sheets are actually a detriment as they are messy to install and don’t require any kind of custom installation, running the risk of inferior work when installed.

Carbon Fiber Kevlar

Similar to the two solutions above, this product provides no attachment at the floor or sill plate so again, the risk of future damage when additional movement occurs is great.

Basement Cracks and Foundation Repair, Concrete Chiropractor

How Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports Are Different From the Rest

Unlike other basement wall repair solutions, Rhino provides a link from the foundation base to the framing of the building, protecting against future movement and pressure. As illustrated above, a galvanized bracket is used to secure the carbon fiber to the sill plate, which is secured to the foundation wall with a carbon fiber pin. Unlike most other systems, the carbon fiber system is secured to the foundation wall allowing for an even distribution of outside pressure, reducing the risk of future damage.

The superior materials used provide extra piece of mind with installation. In addition, it create a smooth, flat finish that can easily be painted or finished.

For homes or businesses that need wall repairs due to bowing concrete, Rhino is able to noninvasively repair damage which has occurred over time. If you need help with your wall damage situation, contact Concrete Chiropractor today.