When to Call in a Concrete Repair Professional to Fix Your Concrete, Concrete ChiropractorEvery home and business sidewalk, garage floor or driveway is going to experience some level of cracking at some point.  Cracking of concrete is caused by so many different situations, it’s sometime difficult to determine when to call in a concrete repair professional to fix your concrete.  Read on for some good tips on when to put down the trowel and call a professional!

Is that crack in your driveway more than a hairline crack?

Like we mentioned before, there are many causes for concrete cracking including normal settling, cracks due to poorly impacted soil, water, and several other factors. Do you have a crack in your driveway and figure that a little concrete patchwork will do the job? You may be right, or you may be simply putting a band-aid on a problem that’s going to come back again and compound the issue. So how do you know?  Take a quick look:  is it a tiny little crack, more of a cosmetic nuisance than a tripping hazard?  No signs of buckling, heaving, sinking?  No adjacent areas shifting?  You might be able to fix it yourself. If you are sure that’s all it is, check out our concrete repair video gallery for instructions, including how to waterproof cracked concrete.

Is your sidewalk merely cracked or is it sunken?

If the sidewalk outside your home or business building is cracked, you likely have a trip hazard on your hand and should have the sidewalk repaired by a concrete professional. Small cosmetic cracks might be just that, cosmetic, or it could be an indication that you’ll have bigger issues down the road such as a sidewalk that lifts or sinks. Homeowners and businesses alike have historically tried to remove sidewalk fall hazards by concrete patching or cement patching their sidewalk in hopes of saving money. This is never an acceptable concrete repair solution and will likely exacerbate the problem down the road at a greater cost. The cement patch or cement resurfacing will only last until the ground frost, unstable soil or water raises the concrete sidewalk slabs. The walkway patch on the sidewalk joint will then delaminate and pull off. This typically leaves the property owner repeatedly fixing the sidewalk on a yearly basis at a much greater expense than doing it right the first time by a concrete professional.

Getting ready to sell your home or business?

Though you should never shortcut a quick repair for a thorough one, it most certainly is the case that concrete repair should be done by a trained professional if you’re in the process of selling your home or business.  Appearances aside, significant cracks, sinking or lifting of sidewalks, garage floors and steps is a hazard that must be repaired before a property inspection takes place. Left unrepaired, it can also negatively impact the value of property. Why take that chance? And depending on the repair needed, a home inspector will likely not recommend the home or building owner do a quick patch job, but will require a concrete repair professional to come in and do it right.

Will your cracked deck get worse if exposed to water?

Many concrete pool deck cracks start small, but can get worse if exposed to water. This is a repair that should not be ignored and should be done properly.  There are many home improvements that add value to a home, and this may be one of them. Potential home buyers will see those cracks and could question the integrity of the pool or the upkeep on the home in general. Why take that chance?

If you’re unsure whether your cracked concrete needs professional repair or not, don’t take a chance:  contact a concrete repair specialist to come out and take a look.  They’ll not only assess the damage but research the cause of the damage, and give you a fair assessment regarding what you need to do.

When to Call in a Concrete Repair Professional to Fix Your Concrete, Concrete Chiropractor
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