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Why Repairing Your Own Cracked Concrete Can Cost More Money, Concrete ChiropractorOwning a home or business building means there’s always something that needs repair.  One of the more common items that needs in repairs involves concrete; cracked garage floors, sidewalks, pool decks and steps happen to almost every homeowner or business owner at some point. The first thought might be to grab some cement and do the repairs yourself in order to save money. However, that’s not always the right solution. This article explains why repairing your own cracked concrete can cost more money than bringing in a professional.

Why is the area cracking?

Did the crack come on suddenly, or has it been growing worse over time?  Before you start trying to repair what you think is a simple cosmetic flaw, try to figure out WHY the concrete is cracking.  There are several reasons why concrete cracks; fixing the crack will likely not fix the cause, and may result in more damage over time if the cause of the crack isn’t addressed. Things that cause concrete to crack include tree roots, water, and unstable soil.  If you suspect any of these causes your concrete to crack, you’ll spend more time and money patching the same spot over and over again if you do it on your own.  Call in a professional to fix the cause AND fix the crack.

Do you know which kind of cement repair method you should be using?

Most people think that repairing cement means mixing up cement mix, putting it in the crack, and that’s it, but that’s inaccurate and can cause more expense down the road. The two main methods of repairing concrete cracks are usually epoxy injection, or with a flexible self-leveling or toolable urethane caulk.  Both of these are for minor repairs and will not fix the cause.

Why it can end up costing more than hiring a professional

As we mentioned before, if you simply fix the crack and don’t fix the cause of the crack, you’ll likely find yourself fixing another crack months or years down the road. Simply repairing the crack isn’t enough if the cause of the crack is water damage, unstable soil or other factors. You can keep fixing it yourself every few years, or you can hire a professional to fix the cause and the crack right the first time. Many people opt to simply replace the concrete altogether, which can cost many times more than hiring a professional to fix it. Or, if they do simply fix it themselves and the job is done incorrectly, the trip hazard can result in substantial costs should someone get hurt on your property.

If you have cracked concrete, your best option is to call a professional. Repairing your own cracked concrete can cost more money than bringing in a professional to do the job right.

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