How to Save Money by Repairing Concrete, Concrete ChiropractorConcrete has always been the material of choice for long-lasting sidewalks, driveways, patios and garage floors.  However, over time, concrete can lift, buckle or crack, and needs to be removed and replaced, which can be a costly endeavor.  Why exactly does concrete shift, settle, lift or crack over time? More important homeowners and business owners want to know how to save money by repairing concrete versus replacing it.

The most common cause of concrete sinking, lifting or settling is normally poor soil preparation, or the pouring of concrete on improperly compacted soil. Another cause might be improper water drainage. This is a common problem for floors, slabs, garage floors, swimming pool decks, and walkways.

When people experience this kind of damage, they assume that replacement is their only option, and are shocked when they see the price. However, there is the option of repairing concrete instead of replacing. The process is called mudjacking, also known as concrete leveling, concrete lifting or concrete raising. Here’s how it works basically: holes are drilled through the concrete surface. Then a grout mix is pumped beneath the slab or affected area itself.  Once the slab is returned back to it’s original height, the access drill holes are cleaned and patched with a quick set cement. This results in the cement area being returned to its original condition, eliminating the need for replacement; a tremendous cost savings compared to completely replacing the entire area with new concrete.  In some cases, repairing is 1/4th the cost of replacement!

If you have damaged concrete and are wondering if it can be repaired versus replaced, contact a concrete repair professional. They’ll come out and assess the situation to see if repair is a feasible option. A repair professional will make sure that the concrete is overall in good condition, there is no substantial cracking that impacts stability, no restrictions to raising or level concrete (such as a structure limiting accessibility), and there are no foreign objects such as tree roots that will cause future damage (those would need to be removed first).

Repairing concrete versus replacing it altogether is a smart move for homeowners. The repairs cause very little downtime in the area, and the result is as stable and aesthetically please as complete replacement would be, for a fraction of the cost. If your home or business is experiencing concrete sinking, settling or cracking, take the time to find a concrete repair professional to come out and provide a quote. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save!

How to Save Money by Repairing Concrete, Concrete Chiropractor
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