Why Owning a Concrete Business Could be Right for You, Concrete ChiropractorIn this article, we will familiarize you with Concrete Chiropractor’s background and history, along with how we can assist you in starting your own business.

Who is Concrete Chiropractor?

Kris Winters is the business owner of the Concrete Chiropractor name and trademark.  He began working in the concrete and construction field in 1979.  After twenty-one years in the concrete and masonry construction trade, he recognized the public demand for quality concrete repair.  Incorporated in 2000, Kris became an entrepreneur and created Concrete Chiropractor, a successful company which now offers new business opportunities. These opportunities can vary from an individual seeking to start up a concrete business opportunity to an existing related business service that may want to add other profitable business opportunities to their existing service in order to increase their profit margins and the value of their company.

Why the Concrete Business?

Concrete is the second most used product by volume worldwide. There is also more concrete used in construction than all other building materials combined.  If unlevel concrete is not repaired, it not only devalues property value and hinders real estate sales transactions, but it can also result in trips, falls and legal liabilities for both residential and commercial property owners.  Concrete is always in demand and as a result, concrete repair, lifting and leveling will continue to be sought after services as an alternative to replacing concrete altogether.

Why Consider a Concrete Chiropractor Business Opportunity?

We have a 16- year history of successfully operating under our name and system. We’re now using our 35 plus years of construction knowledge, along with our business knowledge to offer small business opportunities to those who want to either be their own boss and or create their own business startup.

While there are several business opportunities for sale on the market, we need to first determine if the individual has the qualifications to succeed in their business venture and the area of interest is in a supporting market area.  Therefore, we cannot offer a Concrete Chiropractor business opportunity to just anyone.   Unfortunately, we have had to turn away qualified, interested individuals in the past due to their local territory already having an existing location; we are very careful to protect our name and to insure that anyone who owns a Concrete Chiropractor business is set up for success.

If you are interested and feel you have the ability to operate a Concrete Chiropractor business, please contact us so we can discuss your interest in more detail.  We’ll determine if we can offer you a business in your local area.

Why Owning a Concrete Business Could be Right for You, Concrete Chiropractor
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