Is the Concrete Repair Business Really Profitable? – Uncovering Profit Potential, Concrete ChiropractorAfter the recession a few years back, many people wondered if construction-related businesses such as concrete repair companies were still a good idea to start as a business venture. The answer is a resounding “yes!”. Read below to learn more.

Concrete repair services specializing in lifting, repairing and leveling slabs, also known as “mudjacking” or “slabjacking” have been around for 80+ years. There is still as high demand for this service. With the passage of the American Disabilities Act, that demand isn’t going away any time soon. Among other things, the law requires that sidewalks and other walkways be accessible to people with physical limitations; this includes buckled, sunken or raised concrete areas that make access difficult. With literally billions of square feet of concrete in the US, many of the slabs are old and out of alignment, pitched incorrectly and in desperate need of repair. While most people think the only option is to completely replace the concrete area, mudjacking allows you to simply repair the area in question. As you can imagine, the need for concrete repair never goes away.

Another attractive aspect of concrete repair, and why it can be such an attractive business to get in to, is that raising sinking concrete comes at about a third or half of replacement cost on both residential and commercial concrete walkways versus replacement. These sunken concrete slabs can cause problems ranging from town violations, insurance cancellations, devaluation of property value, or delays with selling your home.  Homeowners and business owners can see the value of the service.

While there are tremendous opportunities in owning a concrete repair business, it’s not for everyone.  There are definite skills involved in the process of concrete repair. It’s also a labor-intensive work (as is most services involving repair). In addition, there is equipment that needs to be obtained to do the job right.  Unfortunately, many people try to jump in to this industry without having full knowledge of how to run the business, so many fail. This happens to people not only looking to start a concrete repair business, but those looking to add to their current business offerings, such as companies offering home improvement, masonry, concrete finishing, etc.

If a business in concrete repair can be profitable, but entrance into the industry difficult to obtain success, what’s the best approach to take?  For most people, an ideal way to own your own concrete business is to partner with a company that can properly set you up for a successful business. Work with someone who knows what it takes to run a successful concrete leveling business and will show you the way to reduce the risk and go straight for the rewards.

Is the Concrete Repair Business Really Profitable? – Uncovering Profit Potential, Concrete Chiropractor
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