What to Do When Your Garage Floor Cracks, Concrete ChiropractorWhen you’re faced with the unfortunate situation of a settled garage floor, most people’s initial reaction is that the entire floor needs to be replace.  Depending on the situation, that may not be true.  So what should you do when you’re faced with this and need garage floor repair?

First understand that there are many reasons why a concrete garage floor may sink. There are options that you can pursue that very likely will help address your issue without the undertaking and expense of completely replacing the floor, assuming that’s a viable option depending on the condition of the floor.

Over time, your garage floor may sink and crack. That means only the area of issue need to be repaired, not the whole floor. The idea is to recreate a stable support to compensate for the settled or compromised earth underneath.  As you can imagine, only trained concrete repair specialists can and should do this kind of work.  Trying to undertake this kind of project without proper expertise can result in costly repairs, far beyond what you would have originally incurred if you’d contacted a professional to begin with. Ideally, before doing anything, it’s best to evaluate the damage.  The goal is to decide whether the damage is structural or superficial. Superficial (hairline cracks) could be a part of the normal settling process of concrete but be advised:  it’s best to keep an eye on these cracks to insure they don’t get any worse.  Take a picture and note the date.  Check again in a few months: is there a change?  Is it significant?  If so, best to call in an expert to evaluate the situation and give their recommendations.

If it’s a sunken slab you’re dealing with, unfortunately these are not a quick fix and can be costly to repair if not done correctly by a professional. There are options when done correctly. Concrete slab repair technology is definitely one of the expense-efficient approaches to effectively raise and level up concrete garage floors back again once more to their original height or grade.

The best approach to take if you garage floor cracks is to evaluate the situation.  If it’s cosmetic, keep an eye on it and call in a professional if it goes from superficial to structural. If it is already structure, don’t try to do the repair yourself, contact a concrete repair company to assist you with your repairs. In the end, it will save you time and money, and you can be assured the corrective measures are done the right way.

What to Do When Your Garage Floor Cracks, Concrete Chiropractor
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