How Mud Jacking Corrects Dropped Concrete Slabs, Concrete ChiropractorIf you live in an older home, or in a location with more unstable soil, you may notice cracking or sinking of your concrete slab. Cracks in a slab and dropping floors often indicate a settlement problem. Sometimes those cracks can be misleading. It is possible that while the foundation remains in place, the floor slab is settling. Unstable, washed out or poorly compacted soil are often the cause, but how do you repair it?

Most people assume that if they have dropped concrete slabs, they have no choice but to replace the entire slab.  Unlike cracks, which may be able to be repaired, most people assume that if an entire concrete slab has dropped, then the entire slab needs to be replaced; a very expensive proposition.

However, there is a procedure for repairing dropped concrete slabs called “mudjacking” (some people spell it “mud jacking” – same thing!). Mudjacking for raising a concrete slab is definitely one of the expense-efficient approaches to effectively raise and level up concrete sidewalks, floors, pool areas and more, back again once more to their original height or grade. This can be done for homes, commercial or industrial locations alike, and can be a significant cost savings if done correctly.

So what exactly is mudjacking? Also referred to as “slabjacking”, mudjacking is a specialty concrete repair technology. In essence, it’s raising a concrete slab by pumping a grout through the concrete, effectively pushing it up from below.  More specifically, this distinct process is composed of drilling holes through the skewed cement slab in order to raise it. With pressure, the grout is then pumped through the access holes in order to raise the submerged slab. The holes are then patched with a quick setting cement.

This process, however, should be left to concrete repair professionals. Done correctly, this process is extremely effective in addressing the issue and repairing the problem. Done incorrectly, the process could cause further damage. Look for a company with a proven track record that can non-invasively fix the problem that has occurred over time.

Dropped concrete slabs are not only a cosmetic issue, but can be a safety hazard as well. If homeowners or businesses have a situation where their concrete slabs have dropped, it’s imperative to address the cause and lift the concrete back to an acceptable height. To learn more about mudjacking for a dropped concrete slab, do your research and find a company with experience in this repair process. The end result will save you a significant amount of money over replacing the entire slab.

How Mud Jacking Corrects Dropped Concrete Slabs, Concrete Chiropractor
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