How to Fix Damaged Basement Walls, Concrete ChiropractorMany homeowners are faced with the unpleasant issue of damaged basement walls in their homes, and few are knowledgeable in how to fix these walls effectively.

To understand how damaged basement walls can be fixed, you must first understand what causes damage in the first place. Oftentimes, unstable soil can cause basement wall damage. Unstable soils are a basement’s worst enemy, including expansive clay or improperly compacted fill. The result of these soils are uneven foundation which causes settling and cracking. Even worse, the walls of the basement can begin to bow, damage that will only get worse over time if the issue is not repaired.

Some homeowners may see a bowed wall as a cosmetic issue, but left unresolved, these walls can ultimately shear away from the foundation, and it then becomes a structural issue that can’t be ignored. The foundation will ultimately fail and impact the structural integrity of the home. Also known as shear slide, if it gets to this point, the wall will need to be completely replaced and attached to the foundation base to reinstate structural integrity.

A viable option for repair is called the “Rhino Carbon Fiber System” which can be used to address bowed basement walls and restore the integrity of the structure. This repair should be done by a trained concrete professional well-versed in this technique; this is not something a homeowner should undertake.  Providing a link from the foundation base to the framing of the building, the Rhino system is known for protecting against future movement and pressure on basement walls so not only is the issue repaired, but prevented from happening again in the future. Galvanized brackets are used to secure to the foundation, and allows for equal distribution of outside pressure for further stability.

The finished result is aesthetically pleasing as well, easily painted over to blend with the rest of the basement. The bowed walls are fixed, future issues are prevented, and no further cracking or bowing will occur.

If your home has a situation with cracked or bowed basement walls, contact a professional to address the situation and prevent further damage as quickly as possible.

How to Fix Damaged Basement Walls, Concrete Chiropractor
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