Princeton, NJ. – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services

Princeton was founded before the American Revolution and is best known as the home of Princeton University, located in the community since 1756. While the presence of the Ivy League University technically identifies Princeton as a college town, it also boasts many more education and Scientific institutes.

Princeton has it all: the highest of higher education, research, and big business. Princeton was ranked 15th of the top 100 towns in the United States to Live and Work In by Money Magazine in 2005.

Nothing this good comes without a price.

The winter of 2017-2018 was cold in Princeton, New Jersey, which is not unusual. However, this particular winter seemed to go on and on. It was snowing well past winter. “Spring days” of 70 ° were followed by cold, blustery, snowy days. Those temperature and precipitation extremes affect the stability of the soil beneath foundations.


Princeton – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorIt’s not unusual to find damage to concrete that has been caused by extreme changes in temperature and large amounts of moisture creeping under structures and undermining the foundations. Check your concrete sidewalks, patios, driveways, and other concrete construction. Look for cracks, separation, sinking, and any other changes that could indicate the soil foundation might be eroding.


The CONCRETE REPAIR EXPERT be able to correct any settling by employing MUDJACKING, or other concrete leveling remedy. A CONCRETE REPAIR PROFESSIONAL may use MUDJACKING to inject a mud-like material under the sinking portion of the concrete to raise it to the original level. The filler material will expand, restoring your driveway or walkway to its original, even state.


Princeton – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorYour new best friend (the CONCRETE REPAIR EXPERT) assures you that the sinking slab can easily be lifted to match the level of the higher part of the sidewalk. He checks the rest of the sidewalk for any similar issues, and then goes to his truck to retrieve his mudjacking equipment.

He will need to drill small (1” holes) through which he will inject the mud-like mixture under your sidewalk and will patch the holes in the concrete when he has finished. It’s nearly impossible to match the surface concrete exactly, but the spots will blend in over time.


Most concrete, or buildings of similar material, will show some wear over time – usually a LONG period of time. Regional weather and soil conditions have much to do with the longevity of concrete structures.
Make sure to check routinely to see if concrete structures around your home are in good condition. Look at the soil that provides support for your home to check whether it is settling or otherwise degrading. If you find a possible issue, call your CONCRETE REPAIR EXPERT, even if you’re not sure. He will be happy to come out and take a look. Concrete issues that are caught early are much easier – and less expensive — to repair before serious damage occurs.


At least once a week, remind your high school student that he or she will need at least a 4.0 grade average and very high SAT scores to get into Princeton.