North Brunswick – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services

North Brunswick, N.J. is a small community that is growing steadily; its population tends to be middle to upper class. New homes and estates are mixed among much older homes. Old or new, there is concrete maintenance to be done, due to natural settling and the extreme changes in temperature from season to season.

North Brunswick – Concrete Repair North Brunswickand Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorWhile there are many places of interest to see, you should not miss PROPRIETARY HOUSE, one of the most historic buildings in the United States! Completed in 1764, the building has served as a residence to New Jersey’s last Royal Governor, a stylish hotel, a private mansion, a retirement home, a boarding house, and now a museum. While it has been used for many dignified and historically significant purposes, there is one little-known experience to be enjoyed at Proprietary House, namely, ghost hunting. It has been featured on the TV show “Ghost Hunters.” There are, in fact, ghost hunting tours available.


North Brunswick and the surrounding areas are beautiful, however, winters can be extremely cold while summers are hot and tend to be humid. Precipitation is abundant year round. The winter of 2017-2018 was on the weird side. Mother Nature couldn’t make up her mind whether to keep winter or morph into spring and summer. It was cold and snowy, then warm and mild, then cold and snowy again, over and over. Residents generally don’t expect to take “snow days” in April, but it happened in 2018.


After the snow is gone (really gone) it is recommended that homeowners check their property for any damage that might have resulted from hot, cold, snow, warm, rain, and snow again. The winter was unreasonably fickle and turned on a dime. Hot + Cold + Water are the ingredients for changes in the soil under foundations. Changes in the soil base can cause structures to move, which they are not meant to do. The result can be settlement cracks in driveways, walkways, porches, patios, and anything else that was not intended to bend and stretch.


If/when you find a settlement crack in the driveway, or squares of sidewalk that are no longer level to each other, you will need to contact a CONCRETE REPAIR EXPERT. You will be amazed at his ability to repair damage to concrete with a minimally invasive procedure called MUDJACKING. He will assess the soil level beneath the slab that has moved, and will then make up a batch of a special concrete mixture (known as grout) to fill the gaps in the earth that are no longer giving proper support to the cement. The change in the soil is due to erosion from water seepage and natural settling of the earth.


North Brunswick – Concrete Repair North Brunswickand Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorThe concrete repair specialist will drill a few small holes in the sinking slab. He will carefully push his mudjacking device through the holes and inject a specially mixed concrete under the areas that are sagging. The mixture will expand to fill the open spaces in the earth beneath the crack, and will quickly harden to restore the concrete to the desired level. The small holes he drilled will be filled with concrete that will be close in color to the original slab, and he will repair any remaining crack(s).


The concrete repair was done quickly and easily and – as a bonus – cost less than you expected! Go do something interesting. If you’ve never been there, consider visiting Proprietary House. You never know who you might meet there.