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In 2017, Parsippany, NJ was recognized as the 33rd-ranked Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine. Just 35 miles away from New York, Parsippany-Troy Hills is a desirable community due to the relatively short commute to New York City and lower cost of living than the City. This is a major factor in the growth of the area and its amenities.

Parsippany boasts a few attractions that are interesting, if a bit quirky. The Parsippany Rockhouse is the site of 3000-year-old glacial boulders and an Indian rock shelter full of unique carvings representing prehistoric art. It’s a unique spot where kids go crazy over the prehistoric art, and a great place to try your hand(s) at rock climbing.

Parsippany Trivia: In the Seinfeld episode “The Mom & Pop Store,” Jerry loses his shoes and finds out they ended up at a garage sale in Parsippany.

Folks who get bored in a one-season-fits-all locale should stay away from tropical and desert climates, and Antarctica. For those who enjoy the changing seasons, New Jersey is the place! The seasons are distinct and beautiful. Winter is very cold, summer is hot & humid, and the transitional periods of spring and fall are delightful.

Concrete Repair and Concrete Leveling (Spoiler Alert)

As enjoyable as it is to experience the changing seasons, the moisture from snow and rain, along with extreme changes in temperature, can cause damage to concrete structures on your property, such as sidewalks, driveways, foundations and more. You may find yourself in need of Concrete Repair.

Mudjacking (New Vocabulary)

Mudjacking is a word many people go their entire lives without ever hearing or knowing the meaning. However, if your sidewalks or foundations are sloping or breaking, you will want to make friends with the term, and with someone who is an expert at this procedure, who can skillfully implement Mudjacking to return concrete to its level best.

How Does One Mudjack?

An experienced professional will drill a few small holes in the area of the slab that needs to be raised. Through the holes, the contractor will inject concrete until the void beneath is full, raising the slab to its original height.

Concrete is composed of four different products: stone, sand, portland cement, and water. The color is dependent upon the quarries from which the stone and sand originated, which location the portland cement came from, and how much water was used. Then the age of the concrete is factored in along with a calculation of how much the sun has bleached it, as well as how much dirt, tree leaves, etc. have settled on the surface over the years.

The down side of the constantly changing weather: freezing, thawing, freezing again, raining, etc., is often the culprit behind the need for Concrete Repair.

Parsippany – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services, Concrete Chiropractor

Concrete Leveling

Were you relatively certain that your driveway was smooth and level when you bought the house? Backing out of the driveway one day, you suddenly realize that the slabs are no longer level or evenly matched. The slab(s) that sank will need to be raised. It would probably cost a fortune to replace the driveway, but it can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and very quickly with Mudjacking.

Or, maybe it’s the lower slab that stayed in place and the higher one that moved. For the untrained eye, it’s hard to be sure.

What could have caused this? More than likely, there is some earth under the driveway that is not fully compacted, and erosion of the soil under the driveway may have been caused by heavy rain, either recent or cumulative over years. Is it possible that your son’s three-quarter ton pickup broke the driveway? (Probably not, but you can pin it on him anyway.)

Share your questions and concerns with the Concrete Repair experts and let them sort out the possible issues. It’s very likely that Mudjacking will be involved to properly repair your concrete problems. With your driveway fixed and potential problem areas examined, your Concrete Repair concerns will be gone.

In the end, Concrete Leveling with Mudjacking has restored your driveway to level, eased your mind, and has the driveway looking brand new! The Concrete Repair Experts assure you that the damage had nothing to do with your son’s heavy truck (but feel free to blame him, anyway – it could get your lawn mowed for a year).

Remember that your Concrete Repair Expert has the experience, expertise, and the right equipment to keep your Concrete Level, which is the key to keeping your home in good condition. Choose your expert wisely!