Middletown, NJ. – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services

Middletown, N.J., is a great place to live!

Middletown Township was originally formed on October 31, 1693, and was incorporated as a township in 1798. It is a beautiful area with population that tends towards the more affluent. Large homes and estates are plentiful and many are quite extravagant. Of course, the larger
your property, the more maintenance it will require.

You’ll want to keep a close eye on the condition of your home and surrounding CONCRETE WALKWAYS, PATIOS, DRIVEWAYS, FOUNDATION, etc. You can find the four seasons in Middletown, as with most of New Jersey. Temperatures are relatively mild, but the rise and fall of temperatures are more than sufficient to cause repeated freezing and thawing. And there is a lot of precipitation – summer and winter. Frequent changes in temperature, along with large amounts of ground moisture are prone to causing cracks that are a result of settling and/or movement in cement, as water causes the earth to erode – removing foundation soil from under concrete slabs.

You may need to learn about MUDJACKING.

Middletown – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorIf, after the spring thaw, you find cracks, settlement or sinking in driveways, walkways, porch steps, you can attribute them to the change in the beautiful seasons. Take heart in knowing they can be fixed quickly and inexpensively compared to the expense and aggravation that would go with removing and replacing of structures.

When you see this, you will be very happy to see a CONCRETE REPAIR EXPERT, who will perform MUDJACKING, which is the process of pumping a mud type substance underneath cement to raise up sections that have settled. This will bring the lower, cracked-away steps up to their original level, where they met the top porch step. The crack will then be repaired and the settling process will stop.

Middletown – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorWith your property repaired, you’ll be free to enjoy some of the local color. You will see signs – many signs. Some signs are historical in nature, describing an event that happened nearby or a really old building that has significance to the community. There are also many modern signs, which seem to be the product of a “one-ups- manship” spirit of local businesses and sign makers. The area is liberally dotted with large and larger, conspicuously odd signage.

Many of Middletown’s local signs have been featured in the periodical “Weird NJ,” a semi-annual magazine that chronicles local legends, hauntings, ghost stories, folklore, unusual places or events, and anything considered “weird” in New Jersey. You’ll want to see this one, but it said to have some unusual powers. The Clown is one of the many signs that are sprinkled throughout the area. It has been called, ““The Evil Clown of Middletown.” Middletown, New Jersey is a great place to live, but BEWARE OF THE CLOWN!