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The reason for the odd name: The name “Basking Ridge” first appeared in the records of the Presbyterian Church in 1733. The writer noted that wild animals from the surrounding lowlands would bask in the sunlight on the ridge.

Basking Ridge was settled in Colonial times and continues to retain its small-town character. Despite the presence of large office complexes, including the 1.27-million-square-foot world headquarters of AT&T (now headquarters of Verizon Wireless), Vencore Labs, World Media Group, LLC, and Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, everyone is treated the same in this small community.

THE HUMOR OF A NEIGHBORHOOD BAR is evident from the moment one enters. A sign over a tray of pennies reads, “If you need a penny, take one. If you need two, get a job.”


Most resale homes in Basking Ridge are at least 25 to 30 years old. It is said to be impossible to purchase a new single-family home for less than $500,00. The older homes are very charming, and you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your family. A word of warning: Don’t skip the inspection!

The weather is extreme in New Jersey. The winters are cold and snowy, while the summers are hot and humid. Concrete is not supposed to crack unless something very heavy drops on it – like an airplane. The melting ice and snow that are followed by spring rains add a great deal of moisture to the soil that supports your foundation and basement walls – until the pressure on your walls is great enough to cause the plaster and blocks to move until they crack, or worse.

Basking Ridge – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorEven though your house passed inspection when you purchased it, you must remain watchful of all the structures in your home because Time and Mother Nature are pranksters, and not in a fun way. Even though you don’t see your basement every day — because you typically have no reason to see your basement every day — make a point of checking the walls down there for dampness regularly.

At the first sign of anything wet on a wall, you WILL NOT wait to see what happens. The scene in the second picture shows what will happen, sooner or later. You need to call a CONCRETE REPAIR SPECIALIST immediately. To be sure you are contacting a company that is knowledgeable and has a good reputation for customer service, check reviews, the BBB, and even neighbors, who may have had a similar problem.


Call the CONCRETE REPAIR SPECIALIST you have selected, and he will know what needs to be done. If it will help you sleep better at night, call a second company so you will be comfortable you have chosen the best.

Basking Ridge – Concrete Repair and Lifting Services, Concrete ChiropractorThere is a good possibility that your leaky wall has bowed inward from outside pressure. If the bulge is not immediately visible to you, that’s a good thing. It might suggest that the damage is not yet severe. You would rather not have to replace the entire wall, but it can be done if necessary. Your Concrete Specialist can reinforce, or rebuild, the wall if necessary using a carbon fiber product for reinforcement.

The CONCRETE REPAIR PROFESSIONAL will examine the floor to check for signs of damage to the foundation. If damage is found, or if the floor isn’t completely level, he can deal with that, as well.

It is critical to protect the integrity of your home’s structure for the safety of your family and to protect the value of your property. If and when you decide to sell the house (and that time will come sooner or later) you can be sure the Building Inspector will look for any signs of structural damage that have not been repaired. Don’t leave anything for him to find!