Concrete Chiropractor® was established in 2000 as a concrete pool deck repair service. We specialize in providing pool deck repair services affordably at a third or half of the cost to replace on both residential and commercial applications.

Problematic concrete can cause create problems ranging from town safety violations, insurance cancellations, devaluation of property value, delays in Real Estate sales and more. It’s important to maintain your concrete and fix any problems ASAP.

We provide concrete pool deck repair and raising dropped concrete pool decks, sunken concrete pool decks, or settled concrete pool decks throughout NJ and believe we can claim the title as the leaders in NJ Concrete Pool Deck Repair business. We think you’ll agree.

Concrete Repair

Concrete Pool Deck Repair Services and Why Your Pool Decks Settle or Sink

  • Excavation of your soil is a normal part of your in ground pool installation process in which your stable, compact, soil is disturbed in order to install your pool in the ground. After your pool is placed, built, or installed, the disturbed soil is then used to back fill around your pool.
  • Once the pool has been installed, the pool contractor or concrete contractor will typically install a concrete pool deck around the perimeter of the pool to walk on. However, the soft, granular, disturbed soil under the concrete pool deck begins to settle. A window of time for this settlement process to complete can typically be five to seven years, more or less.
  • Once these pool slabs settle, this usually leaves the pool owner with dangerous trip areas that can affect the safety of children, adults and guests. Also, as the slabs settle, it creates extra stress and cracking on the concrete and pool coping. It can also put stress or pressure on pool walls, pool joints and pool skimmers. In addition to this, access for a NJ concrete repair contractor is poor do to the pool area being in the back yard and fenced in. We also raise concrete for NJ commercial pool repair.

Our Vitelli Case Study will show how we were able to save the project where others had failed. Click here to open the PDF and read the complete case study summary.


Concrete Chiropractor® has offered homeowners in need of concrete pool deck repair in NJ an affordable solution which is backed up by our reputable company guarantee. We are “The name to be trusted, when you need your concrete adjusted”! when it comes to keeping your pool deck looking great. Please visit the rest of our website for more information about our various concrete repair services.