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Concrete Patio Leveling

Why Is My Patio Settling?

The most common reason for patio settlement is due loosely backfilled soils during initial construction around the home. Once the basement or foundation is installed at a depth of several feet, the backfill zone closest to the foundation is filled with disturbed soils. While there are standard compaction practices during the backfill process, these steps are often skipped. As these base soils reconsolidate and settle over several years, so will the concrete patio.

Detached patios away from the home can also be constructed on loose fill that may have been used to level off the natural grade. This built-up soil base can also result in settlement failure.

This issue is also often seen on above grade patios that have been raised and filled next to the home.

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What Problems Can Occur from Patio Settlement?

  • Most often the patio settlement will occur closer toward the foundation and can often cause basement moisture or water issues. In colder climates, frost can cause this ground moisture to freeze and expand, sometimes pushing inward and cracking the basement wall. Concrete should never be left in this condition as costly damage can occur.

How Can a Sinking Patio Be Addressed?

  • While concrete replacement is an option, concrete leveling is often a more cost-effective repair. If your concrete is still in reasonably good condition it can often repair with the leveling method. However, if your concrete is badly broken, replacement may wind up being the only sensible option.

Concrete raising when applicable can return the concrete back to its original height and position and may improve or correct some water issues due to negative pitch which has resulted from the concrete settlement.